i got shown these things with the tagline being ‘Bree’s swords’. and well

Halloween’s approaching so naturally I had to procrastinate from 3d homework to draw Bree sharing the spirit of trick or dick 

or well




my return gift art for gaby

gabby drew me a burly albino jerk. i saw her do it—she just got up and left, possibly to avoid a choke squeeze


POSTING OLD THINGS involving big mean ladies from Anova (that sci fi story i talk about). Bree can turn into a bloody dorito monster and handle ylem like a champ. Courtesy of reaching King Baron status, which involves accepting ylem into her body provided by a chalkurite (pint yeah) Those bloody gashes on her back are venting scars to keep radiation build up and ylem excess from exploding her ribcage open when accessing a king shift  (it was supposed to be part of a bigger thing involving chalkurite shards and dead fragments of a Prism)

Then Lalatre, NASTY brood mother i talk of here showing off her backside (the safe side to talk to her to) Atavism color variations vary a lot, but they tend to be desaturated dark tones. There’ll be some cases where a chalkurite gets a good grip on pigment genes and tries new things but for the most part it’s nothing too flashy. and yeah her hipbone turns into a weird intestine throne with eyes to peek at people (Brood moms go all out with their shapeshifting)

AND THEN some Rajenlo thingies I’ll prolly redefine in the future WITH AN ACTUAL REFERENCE other than just teeth stuff. Gotta properly design her hood and nail down her outfit, the red teeth represent her rank within Jauria baronhood, Kerberos’ Maw (I’ll eventually get down a proper design for her brothers the Throat (Encho) and Viscera ) 

I MADE A TWITTER and celebratin with a sketch of presh monstery Noya for mosaur

Karel has some size/intimidation factor complex and since his little sister beat him in that department he’s been pretty touchy since

Hector continuously laughs at his pseudo big bara Pint dad and unrelated albino Bree aunt trying to navigate in average-people sized enclosures 

I CAN PROMISE YOU ONLY BREE AND PINT GROW UP IDIOTICALLY BIG but it doesn’t help a lot of the other characters are also idiotically big (Marcel and Jericho both belong to altes gestalt, which are vaguely explained here and in general most gestalts are hella tall) 


I still need to pay some bills for this month! With a bit of an achey heart I decided to sell Smith, a Baphomet character who encompasses hermetic ideals. This is not and was never intended to be a sexual character, but a more spiritual one. 

However, as a buyer you are free to do with them as you please!

-Name can be changed
-Current gender is Intersexual (both gonadal tissues, one breast), but can be changed!
-No reselling unless half of what you paid for.
-Comes with three images (including this one)
-I can include a quick summary of their original personality/backstory too, if the buyer chooses.

Please go to FurAffinity or Weasyl to bid!

A cake topper thingy for ena(tangmelon) because of her birthday! THANK YOU FOR AWESOME CURRY PARTY ENAAA

A cake topper thingy for ena(tangmelon) because of her birthday! THANK YOU FOR AWESOME CURRY PARTY ENAAA

school mates dared me to fanart a shirtless grunkle stan 

well here he is

More doodles. Bree and Karel get a spotlight i guess
Also silhouette chart of the main guys at Anova’s latter story portion. With some of them EVOLVING INTO RESPECTIVE POPTART AND DORITO BARA SHAPES

Joe fucking Pitt’s our character design teacher ffj