What photoshop brush size do you use for inking? — Asked by Anonymous

uhh, 13-20, depends how big my canvas is (i tend to work really big so line looks finer

I have to ask cause it's been bugging me for a shit long time now. When you do traditional do you go pure ink or draw with pencil first then ink it? — Asked by Anonymous

depends! I mostly always just go straight to inking though 

btw Rajen actually has normal arms, but you’ll only see them IN SPIDERMOM MODE 

do i make it more or less obvious grownass bree’s hair is a spartan helmet by giving her spartan ish ylem armor 

character FR-fication, 

 As prev mentioned  Bree/Karel and by default Rajenlo would be Fire flight…because it’s fun to set things on fire, also fits their red/volcanicblack aesthetic. 

Floyd would…be lightning, per chalkurite radioactive blue background 

Sorry for entirely mangling the dragon models, I just really needed to give guardian Floyd a stache…also Karel’s buns are probably super long thin spines bundled up.  made a really accurate boring hector tho

-urge to draw ocs as FR dragons intensifies-


exists in his youth years to be a pain in the ass. grows up to be the one kicking it into gear when you’re down 

personal advice if you’re feeling down and you’re coping with feelings of worthless/etc, get invested in shows/movies/literature about ambitious, power hungry and successful characters

better yet, make one UuU 

so J said some really nice things regarding Rajen’s design of how it’s getting more and more monstrous everytime i draw her. specifically mentioning how fucking horrifying her neck is 



and she do the cat wiggle and neck sway thing too. bottom line is don’t enable weird cat instincts on these things especially on the 7’8 giraffe mom

twitter doodle dump

Anova building stuff,

hollywood logic dictates that anything 2 cutesy looking is prolly going to fuck you up. it true with karel and pupil width 

bit of things from Hagar (chalkurite gal big time present in karel’s arc) from the bravones gestalt. her wereform’s hecka fun, and she’s one of the older chalkus you’ll see around (20 ish) Also deaf, hence why i asked bit ago about ASL sources. she went through various stages, really overlapped with bara pint’s silhouette so checked around creepy big animals for inspo. MOOSE. 

NEW gestalt baptized amanuensos and developed in unison with friend and ridiculously developed new protag called Qubilai, Q for short. got special relationship with rajen 

i got asked for bit of how i work character development and well. LOTS OF DRAWING and exploration of characters. observation is pretty hella useful! I’ve honed myself to pay close attention to shape breakdown and well, my choice for anatomical correctness (more less) made for weird stylization i guess. just pay attention to how shapes are read and if you get a purpose or idea of a character’s personality from their silhouette?? echoing lessons but, it’s intuitive for the most part