A lil kid came up to me to show off his finger cut and asked me to draw a monster. Thus lik kid riding a hand monster

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How would genderbent Bree look like? — Asked by Anonymous

Kind of like Bree but bustier, bigger and not as conservative in his clothing choices. He’d be nowhere as proficient as her and never acquired Pint to begin with—Jauria males being the favored sex and being rather rare (one in every 6 females) competition isn’t as fierce, not to mention that Rajenlo (mom) favors her boys best and would cut him a lot of slack for being albino. Life made relatively easy, basically

Youve probably answered before but what is Brees orientation?? — Asked by Anonymous

Hetero with a preference for challenging people—it’s debatable whether it’s good or not that Karel coincides with his sister’s mindset because competition can get rowdy if they want the same thing 

Hey it's me again silver. I guess for a while I'm gonna be your resident prehistoric nerd, so anyway, what would happen if pint during training accidentally( for some reason) his DNA gene searched all the way to the Cambrian period? You're the best and bye — Asked by camjpark

It’d be very hard for him to reach this far out -especially- when he’s young without phasing into full cellular breakdown…and right into grounds of something called the lemure phase for chalkurites. Something I’m keeping disclosed :P but promise it’ll be fairly gross and body-horror worthy not to mention a BIIIIG thing for why there’s Barons and professional-trained chalkurite hunters, and it’s not such a wise idea for chalkurites to live on their own. (I am going to start being veeery modest about talking certain things)

anyhow, you can expect some pretty rad gut bursting fun from Pint if he screws up. like this (not lemure but just about to)

He resents Bree a bit for calling him meat balloon sometimes, but then having exploding chunk of meats traveling at breakneck speed and cracking your ribs is something that can’t be so easily forgiven

Hey silvermender, what would a chalkurite that primarily lives underground be like? — Asked by camjpark

I am so sorry I haven’t responded to this or the previous aquatic one!

But here, ANOVA WORLDBUILDING for your patience

Chalkurite wereforms are geared towards what is -required- of course, specialization takes several years to be reached. Take note, chalkurites keep their ylem/radiation forms strictly separated from their biological designs

The word used for special shifts is exaptation, or in chalkurite glossary a ‘redesign’. The word chalkurite is in fact rarely if ever used amongst chalkurites, instead referring to each other by respective ranks. The word ‘Architect’ is a preferred term especially by non-chalkurites. can best describe it using the mascot chalkurite to exemplify (and not spoil things)

This is usually employed with inexperienced chalkurite that have fairly easy shapes such as Pint and Hector for example. Their level of practice with their wereform isn’t as advanced as senior chalkurites who have complex designs such as Floyd for example

For a break down, this is how complexity works

Take Pint. He’s practically one of the easiest, frankly his only complexity is his head which is an excruciatingly stupid design because when he bites anything he’s risking getting his eyes gouged. His brain cavity is really odd too. Not particularly useful but remarkable for other chalkurites in terms of how well he’s able to keep together the semblance of a cute face with 2 meters of teeth behind him.   He learns how to shift his design further as he ages, and in fact! He uses big big dunkleosteus teeth as he’s able to sample more ancient genetic traits.

Now, Jericho

He’s a weird one, but he’s had plenty practice. His design is much more special and the silhouette in comparison to Pint is significantly more inhuman. In combat it’s probably one of the weirdest things you’ll ever see in action, bringing into the fray devastating kicks, radula chainsaw teeth and viper-quick strikes with his secondary scythe arms. Of course, you can’t really tell he’s got all of this when hunched over like a big jerboa straight out from satan’s hole

Complexity usually but not always dictates the proficiency of a chalkurite. Pint learns how to exaggerate his design and touch on more subjects for his bauplan, such as multiple limbs, placoderm features, etc. He’s siege-oriented however, and gears his strength to simple but brutally efficient quadruped gorilla tank designs, rarely coming out of his comfort zone.

Within the circle of chalkurites, a complex and working design brags of architect rights. Such is the case with brood mothers, all grand architects that morph themselves to suit the occasion rather than the fight 

Take Lalatre, one of the main brood mothers (empresses within Frontier)

and this is simply her being cocky and not bothering to turn around from her task to talk to those who manage auditions with her. These forms can be used for combat but do so in a way that displays authority, status and grace by going all out extravagant with their shifts. Stomach mouths, intestine weapons, an insane amount of limbs, hip-bones restructured to look like thrones—she does this all, and if someone disagrees with her there’s always the front. Amongst the brood mothers Lalatre is infamously known for being best spoken to while she’s giving you her back, -actually- facing her otherwise means instant death

Primarily flight/water/cavern oriented, etc chalkurites are all redesigns as no chalkurite can ever access an extremophile or hyper-specialized design for their wereform from the start. 

Redesigns are adaptations, exempt from the main silhouettes of chalkurites though they are accounted for the skill of the shapeshifter in question.    I have a big post of them from a while back you can browse under the wereform tag, but here—anyhow, examples

You could say they almost look the same save for certain features such as sleekness, wings, gills etc though these don’t interrupt with the base form that much. The same can be said for more complex designs, though brood mothers are usually made an exceptions since their range of shifting is incredibly vast. I hope this helps answer those questions!

Revamped Hector’s chalkurite wereform so he no longer looked like Toothless on crack 
He’s now got a billion more teeth

Revamped Hector’s chalkurite wereform so he no longer looked like Toothless on crack
He’s now got a billion more teeth

the things you find in hidden psd layers 

There is no more privacy in this house. My cat learned how to open doors


karel that’s not how favors work