Do Bree and Pint have surnames? — Asked by Anonymous

Pint has a surname, “Gaillard” taken from Roxanne. His legal name as a chalkurite in the frontier records is Yered and only Bree, Nita and Floyd know him as Pint 

Bree doesn’t have a surname, she’s just identified as another koboye of the Jauria baron gestalt.   And for the record, Bree is not her real name, just a short version of it :)     

Within most areas of Frontier, shortening one’s name is considered a SERIOUS offense, and pseudo-names are favored amongst friends rather than calling them by a short version of their names.  

In some cases, as it is with Jauria customs, long names are given to the children and it’s up to them to ‘earn’ the right that they’re pronounced in their entirety.    So for example, Karel’s is actually Karelia, he’s yet to earn the last syllable.   The Teeth of the Jauria (bree’s mother) is Rajenlo and there’s no other way to pronounce it unless you’d rather use her titles such as Dogmother 

Bree’s got three syllables too, but—


it’s not like it matters when you can get all the cheese jokes eh? 



Necro? Illusionist? Shaman? — Asked by Anonymous

Are you a shapeshifter/druid? — Asked by Anonymous

but thank you for the—compliment anyway. a hint for the class though: very, very boring by itself 

i may be getting carried away by this ‘yourself as rpg character’

also what’s with all those suggests of me as a barbarian HAVE YOU ACTUALLY SEEN ME. i’m the littlest weakest shit seriously 

wanting to share wips but not the whole thing. so here 

Do you find Sugilite racist at all?? — Asked by Anonymous

Refer to this link for a much better description of what I will say below

I find it racist that there’s an immediate knee-jerk tumblr reaction to her design calling it ‘black stereotype’, entirely disregarding that Sugilite IS the merge of two really combat-oriented characters. Stereotypes are shallow and unbaked characters with a half assed background—Sugi’s not that.     Sugilite is a merge of Amethyst’s excitability/aggression and Garnet’s immense power plus really violent tendencies. The result, a really, REAAAALLY raw and animalistic creature—did we all suddenly forget Amethyst favors a primal aspect? It shows here, unlike with Opal. 

Though I understand the intentions can be—-somewhat ‘well meaning’, pointing fingers and screaming racism (ESPECIALLY when you’re not WOC, this is a very detrimental aspect white tumblr users especially do) it’s a really nasty thing to do, because all context is ignored in favor of biased anger. It’s a delicate subject I got my opinions on, but again—I am not woc so take this with a grain of salt. I encourage you to always see both sides of the argument and construct your opinions, but again—with this site, be careful it really, really tends to be especially toxic and frankly?

Steven’s Universe is a really great thing in terms of representation, and about the best show up there along with A.T for when it comes to cool women characters.   So yeah, go out there—browse lots of opinions, pick which you like best. Blind hate is never an option when you HAVE  a choice to investigate 

sugilite’sbeyondperfect thank you SU for finally giving me monster women I can literally look up to 


sugilite’sbeyondperfect thank you SU for finally giving me monster women I can literally look up to 

You think its better to learn digital painting by doing it traditional, if one does not have no knowledge on it? — Asked by Anonymous

UHH, i haven’t done a whole lot of traditional but it is a fact that you get a whole better doing lots of traditional studies. there is no room for mistake like with digital art and you’re more keen on analyzing how shadows/colors work without the aid of hue/sat/contrast sliders

who am i kidding these are obviously sfw’d drawings—but i did warn this is a bara blog

Pint and Karel definitely have a really antagonistic relationship throughout the story. Bree is pretty much the only person that keeps each other from mauling themselves—that is not so much the case when they’re both old enough to not be babysat by the 7’8 albino gal 

also Karel looks about the same from when he’s young to when he’s adult, just couple inches taller and wider (or am i just lazy to design his older self)