ART PROMPT: Minecraft gesture practice

first off, huge thanks to pythosblaze for SHOWING ME THE WORLD

I just started to play minecraft, and so far I’ve found it immensely fun—and a great way to develop some non-architectural artsy areas! 

Basically, gesture drawing based off your character’s random poses

Here I used my first character skin, and made a couple few gesture drawings 


For posing the character I used this Minecraft skin tool which is great to mess around with (OPEN to upload your skin, POSE, tweak or pick one of the poses shown) Use the option -screen shot- on the upper right corner 

From there, you just have to interpret the poses and do something out of it!  Minecraft models are very limited, and stretching yourself to try some fun poses-even if they’re just idle stand ones-is really great

on a side note, here a simplified post to make skins


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