Space soccer mom’s sheet, done! 

Rox’s not the most shining character when it comes to cool powers or fame, like say her adoptive shapeshifter energy kid, or jerk Trade Prince(ss) Bree with legendary sharpshooting skills. Her nicest thing might be those arm prosthetics she got after wrestling down a huge chalkurite (not Pint, though it was a significant event in leading to his ‘birth’) 

Regardless, her role was/is tremendously important in the Anova timeline. With an amazing streak of luck paired with the insane determination and courage to wrangle demigods she’s able to be surprisingly badass in spite of what her looks suggest

Prior to Pint, her affiliation with the Blue Baron plus having dangerous knowledge about chalkurites placed her at the head of the now-defunct Pantheon unit, the spec ops group in hunting down to extinction the chalkurite Patriarchs, god-like masked chalkurites of colossal magnitude that have had the human nations on the run for centuries.  Each member within the unit had a particular role, and a deity assigned for them; Roxanne came to be known as Rundas and had a jack-of-all-trades role in the onslaught against. With the gods defeated, she and the other Pantheon members are officially retired as of present (Pint timeline) though she’s promptly kicked into new exciting adventures for…reasons.

Some things to explain about her appearance: 

- I will retcon the logo on her coat’s shoulder. It represents her Pantheon’s deity insignia, Rundas. It is an actual god from mesopotamia, and for reference, this is the god 

- Her prosthetic arms are a dull dark gray, though they can camo to her natural skin color to discourage unwanted attention. She CAN’T get arm replacement since she’s echo-contaminated, and thus will reject all organic implants.  They are hardier than average arms, but nothing else

-She’s tiny, but packs quite a wallop

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