Revisiting chalkurite shifts, been trying to show full form in a more ghostly/ethereal light as opposed to wereform. It’s kind of meant to be aberrant, abstract more up for interpretation, rather than function like its organic cousin shapeshift

A different kind of painful too, whereas wereform experiences gut-exploding physical transformations this is more like, I guess a ‘cease to exist’ and ‘become everything’ kind of thing.  The body disperses into raw energy that isn’t even ‘here’ to begin with, with what echo being merely translated from 4-D/transdimensional space. 

If there’s partial shifts, Pint’s more in this weird state where he’ll feel like he’s got a ghost limb—or a god limb, considering how his arm alone is this ridiculously overpowered inter-dimensional energy manifestation that feels absolutely everything on a sub-atomic level. It’s like a hadron collider if a hadron collider were somehow turned into boxing gloves to punch people into non-existence 

If he’s fully shifted, the dilemma turns into something akin to, ‘A Lesson in Humility’—or rather, a horrifying form of nihilism. He can easily forget about personal boundaries since distance is sort of a meaningless concept considering his own composition is FTL, and people just kind of turn into a bunch of particles with interesting arrangements—by interesting I mean, ‘can interest Pint enough to try and dissolve said arrangements into his own biomass’.  

So safety around him is more less measured in his disposition to ‘actually give a damn’. Essentially, he turns into a god, or a very powerful douchebag . AKA *Insert Loki ‘An ant has no quarrel with a boot’ voice clip here* 

The whole ‘safety thing’ is assuming that he isn’t freaking out over the excessive amount of information input from vibrating particles, angry light wavelengths and the busy busy electrical discharges of people’s brains as they themselves are freaking out over a massive blue demigod charging at them. 

Otherwise, if you were wondering why he acts like a big blue puppy in full form, it kind of has to do with his sudden lack of concern about behavioral rules—Pint is actually very sweet natured 

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