first year’s ref sheet. BABIES GROWING UP TOGETHER

i thought it would be good to clear up that bree doesn’t always keep her hair magically short. the only constants are her murderous nose, and that stupid smug look. also at least one ridiculous gun sword (yes, you wouldn’t have expected any less of me)   she gets a second shorter one when she’s of an age where she won’t slice off her hand by fumbling with the grip, and uses it in a daisho parry/stab fashion.   The blades also have a smart grip that turn the edges lava-hot; pretty handy for overcoming obstacles, fighting energy monsters, or just giant chalicothere-looking wereform chalkurites (Pint)

Still trying to decide on the appearance of her tar branding (looks like tattoos) for older age. i suppose i could go for ‘water ripple’ look since it’s injected into a baron’s body in a ‘drip’ fashion

Pint just grows out of his homely clothes into full-time training gear. gets a new name after being branded (Bree still calls him Pint when they’re alone) and also sports some nice new shackles on his feet (external) that will weigh him down if he tries any smart moves. They are flexible with his shifting, and he also has some for his wrists (notincluded) that do the same.    These aren’t like the big mean binders they install on misbehaved chalkurite, since Pint just really lacks any initiative to do anything. security’s pretty relaxed around him. The shackles also help him balance his weight if he does partial shifting, so he won’t topple off sideways from heavier limbs and such

i’ll throw in older ages later as well. 

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