i sometimes do really gay super scribbly shit when talking to my two favorite babes tucker (chance) and swift (ian) coming up with idiot material for story—even if it doesn´t make it to the final version it´s nice to indulge because i realize i write pint better (aka like a baby) if i draw him as opposed to write him

and since i saw people didn´t flip out over posting those quick doodles WELL. might as well dump some of those with context here

anyhow, chance you know him, pint and him are super gay to each other and cute monster boyfriends

IAN is, well, sort of Pint´s uncle. adoptive. everyone´s really adopted in this story, but this guy is really nice and Pint later goes to him when he´s being a real bastard and in his harshest people-eating-phase etc to work at his cafe (secretly obvi because you can´t be chalku top dog soldier thing and cafe worker) and be around normal nice humans again for a change. Ian knows him from when he was wweeeee through Roxanne (he´s got HISTORY with her) and so pint hangs out with him and puts him through a helluva situations

overall, cute as heck. always wanted a wrinkly old nice uncle for pint, they have chemistry going on. and Ian always wanted a kiddie (too bad he don´t got—and prolly never got breeding/parenting rights because of social status or something) Still, i´m not sure if taking on a heavy ass murderous monster kid to parent in his frail late years was such a good idea. swift promised me to not have him die from a stair fall tho so all´s cool  

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